Buildings & houses might seem fundamentally a consistence of walls, roof, storey and ceiling. Be that as it may, to the building inspector each and every break on the roof or minor deformity on the wall can be an indication of more serious issues and need a precise investigation. Inadequately raised rooftop structures, water-logging in floors and failing assortments are some of the major issues that a normal home purchaser is probably not going to distinguish without proficient help. That is why you always need a pre purchase building inspection while moving to a new property.


Purchasers tend to get concerned over the fact if the issues aren’t that much clarified or the probable consequences are cleared up elaborately. At this, the pending deal can be in a fix which could have been a mere uncomplicated or cheap affair.




Here at Casey Building Consultants, we have expertise on distinguishing all the problems which might create future issues in a specific house or building and we also pass on our properly inspected discoveries to the customer in a reasonable and improved way. Upon completing every investigation our accomplished examiners will have a discussion with the customer before sending the detailed report to improve a relatively entangled process to a much simplified one. We also priorly provide an estimated expense of any repairs or corrections that will be needed, so that a buyer can arrange his own budget accordingly without any hassle.







At a Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection that was done recently by one of our accomplished inspectors in the Suburbs of Melbourne, it was distinguished that the heated water benefit was not properly operating. The seller demanded that it worked and that it had just been killed on the grounds that the property was empty and deactivated so as to spare power. With accurate investigation the unit was observed to be a maturing, gravity sustained, electrical, heated water unit situated in the ceiling hole. While the unit outwardly seemed, by all accounts to be in great condition for its age, the report noticed that the tank might be close to the finish of its serviceable life and may should be supplanted sooner rather than later. The report additionally prescribed further tests be done to guarantee the unit capacities as planned. The customer took after these suggestions and found that the unit was damaged and required substitution. The seller at that point wished to introduce another high temp water unit before settlement of the property. Had these suggestions not been made, the customer would have found this issue in the wake of moving into the property and be up for a few thousand dollars to introduce another high temp water unit before having the capacity to scrub down.



The above issue is one of numerous things that can be neglected when acquiring a property. It is fundamental that an accomplished examiner who is prepared to distinguish such issues should look on to find out any such issues and give counsel on the essentialness of the issue. Here Casey Building Consultancy thrives on such department and provide best of services to the client’s satisfaction.