How to Identify Termites and get rid of them

Nowadays in Melbourne, one of the biggest concerns of the home buyers is the excessive activities of Termites. These are small, white, ant-like creatures often sneak into your home in swarms and gradually create sabotage. They have a natural tendency to hide so well that you hardly get to know about their existence until the damage has already been done.

Here are some of the significant advice on identifying & spotting termites

According to the studies, these termites feed on cellulose and organic fibers found in wood and plants. Therefore, your house will be under a serious threat if it is the prime target of the termites. They can create a huge damage to the house if they are given ample time. That is why you should get rid of them as fast as possible.

They tend to grow fast in very quick time and infest your house through the ground or by air. Here are some vital signs of infestations you might want to give a glance:

  • Vicinity of your home

If you notice any termite activities at the vicinity of your home, it is likely that those termites might infest your home too in forthcoming times.

  • Termite-wings  

According to a general study, if you find termite-wings at the proximity of your house then it will be a clear indication that the peril is about to come as the termites shed their wings when they are on the constant search for a new place or host. So look out for any discarded termite-wings.

  • Mud Tunnels

Termites generally prefer damp, cold places of the house where they can make small tunnels of soil and connect them to food sources.

  • Small Holes in Wood

Small, visible holes in wood or wooden furniture are another ominous sign that need to consider seriously. These holes might be the secret hiding place of the termites from where they spread the infestation.


Getting Rid of the Termites

There are several chemicals available in the market for getting rid of termites, such as –

  • Liquid Termite Barriers
  • Chemical Solutions Sprays
  • Poisonous Baits.

However, such treatment might prove a bit radical and using unknown chemical around your home can prove harmful to small children and pets.

Alternatively you can call a professional pest and termite inspection service provider such as Casey Building Consultants for a complete termite inspection and get a full mental peace. While home remedies are generally a temporary fix, professional termite Inspection Company like CBC can help you get rid of these termites completely.

We are fully-trained and experienced in handling termites. We use the latest methods and equipment to check your home for pests and termites. We are fully aware of the probable hiding places of pests & termites that a naked eye perhaps miss and thus thoroughly inspect your home before you even notice the signs of infestation.

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