When it comes to the inspection of the roof, we often feel a bit lazy. Let’s be honest with ourselves– when it comes to home maintenance, we do all the hard work. But in most of the cases forget about the roof, isn’t it? Well… it happens to every third person. According to the analysts, two of the most common reason for water damage in a house come through the broken pipes in the basements and leaking in roofs. Therefore, you should have your roof inspected at least twice a year.


Take a look at these quick, simple and money saving 7 DIY tips to save your roof

Tip 1: Just walk through your home’s exterior to check any particular signs of cracking, damage or sagging. Take some special notes of any possible problem areas or areas that need a closer inspection.

Tip 2: Look out for areas with moss or algae and piles of ferns. If any area of your roof is affected these, it is most likely to leak water from here in near future.Building Inspection Melbourne

Tip 3: Watch out for buckled and curled shingles. Hot air from attics often causes shingles to buckle and curl away from the home, putting your roof and home at great risk for weather damage and poor roof ventilation. 

Tip 4: It is very important to clean your gutters and maintain your downspouts as the stored water in these areas may penetrate through the walls and create a leakage. While performing these check-ups, take notes of open joints and signs of rot as these are also typical indications of larger issues.

Tip 5: Another important thing to look for is a Granule loss. It indicates that shingles have gone too old or might have been affected by severe weather condition and thus will no longer protect your home against storms or heavy rain. Therefore, if you find that your shingles are no longer texturized or maintaining its own identical colour, it’s a right time to replace.

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Tip 6: If you are having the water reservoir of your house at the roof make sure to check out any damaging part or small leakage at the lower wall of it. Any indication of damage in this area would mean an area full of dampness & moisture that might penetrate through your roof floor & ceiling making it highly-vulnerable to water damage.

Tip 7: Do you have an attic at your roof? If yes, look for any leakage sign of water penetration under the roof.


Finished Your Roof Inspection, Now What?

After you are done with your roof inspection, take some moments to review your observations. Have you come across any major problematic area or any potential threats? If so, contact a professional as soon as possible. Just keep in mind that a smart homeowner is really a smart one who fixes minor problems and concerns before they become disastrous and cost a huge. Pre-caution has always been the key to stress-free home-living.

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