Are you willing to buy new home or investment property in Laverton? Or simply want to build one for your family? Whichever it may be – it’s always important that your new home is liveable and is free from hazardous nuisances like pests & termites. Here Casey Building Consultants proudly offers pre-purchase house inspections in Laverton and surrounding suburbs to ensure that your hard-earned money does not go in vain.

Why Go For Pre Purchase Property Inspections in Laverton?

A comprehensive pre-purchase property inspection will tell you whether the property you’re about to buy is your dream home or turn into a nightmare. Don’t lock the deal until you’ve had a building inspection conducted by Casey Building Consultants.

Why Choose CBC in Laverton?

  • We are a professional building inspection service provider offering full service to you.
  • Our aim is to offer the best building inspections possible to the new home buyers in Laverton.
  • All our Building and Pest Inspections are carried out to Australian Standards AS 4349-1-2007 by a qualified and certified property inspector.

The team at Casey Building Consultants offers property inspections to Laverton residents at the most competitive prices. We abide by all the COVID-19 safety measures and provide same-day reports with detailed information on any hidden defects that could end up costing you a huge in near future.

Why Pre-Purchase House Inspection in Laverton Is Necessary

Purchasing your dream house is obviously one of the most important purchases that you would be carrying out and undoubtedly you want to feel completely confident about the right choice. You might want to test drive a new car before buying, but when it comes to buying a property, you don’t have that sort of option prior your purchase.

You can, however, call on Casey Building Consultants – your local building inspector specialist in conducting property inspections of Laverton homes. We can determine whether the property is structurally sound, free of pest infestation or susceptible to any other issues that might affect its livability.

Nobody likes to throw money away. Casey Building Consultants can examine your potential new home to make sure it’s structurally safe, that there’s no evidence of termite damage or infestation, and that there are no other potential issues with the property.

Feel free to call us at 0433 360 660 for further information.


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