Get Quality Pre Handover House Inspection Services in Melbourne

One of the most effective custom in building inspection in Melbourne is pre handover house inspection. Now-a-days, most supervisors will rush you through the Handover process, praying on your eagerness to move into your new home and your ignorance of what’s acceptable or not. You should remember that a supervisor goes through this process 1 or 2 times a week, while most home owners would only do it 1 or 2 times in their life, so who do you think is the more skilful at it? That’s why this pre handover house inspection is a must for all new home owners.

This inspection covers more than 500 aspects of your new home, including but not limited to –


1. The brickwork for level, plumbness, straightness and to make sure that it is in line.

2. Brickwork bed and perpend joints for correct sizing and consistency.

3. The proper placement of articulation joints, flashing and weep holes.

4. The correct bearing of the brick-walls onto the concrete slab.

5. A simple strength scratch is carried out on the mortar. Further testing may be recommended.

6. The properly cleaning off of mortar from across the faces of the bricks.

7. Chipped bricks and / or holes and other imperfections in the mortar finish.

8. If your home has been constructed using other external claddings such as Hebel panels or weather boards obviously these would be thoroughly checked with the diligence.

9. The guttering, fascia and eaves for their level, straightness and correct installation.

Colorbond gutters, fascia and flashings for damage to their pre-finished paint works.

The roofline and tile installation.

All glazing for scratches and chips.

All infills, cover boards and linings are checked for correct installation.

Gas and water service inlet pipes.

The installation of any sub soil drains coverage, if installed.



  • All doors for correct clearance and function, as well as the door furniture for its operation.
  • All windows reveals are checked for bows, sagging or twists that may indicate in proper fitting.
  • All plaster joints for tool marks, scratches and sanding ridges.
  • All ceilings for correct installations and visible joints.
  • All cornice lines for level and straightness.
  • All walls and the skirting boards for their straightness.
  • All external corners for their straightness and to ensure that they are in line.
  • All kitchen cup-bards and vanities and the bench tops for scratches and correct installation.
  • All tiling and grouting for level, straightness and finish.
  • All cut outs around taps for correct sizing.
  • All tile junctions and joints that should be caulk sealed.
  • All painted surfaces for coverage and blemishes. As well as the surrounding areas for over painting and paint where it should not be. Nail-holes are also checked for proper filling.
  • All baths are checked for proper support.
  • Toilet suites are checked to ensure that they are fitted perfectly.
  • All the plumbing fixtures and fittings for correct installations.


Roof Cavity

  • Insulation to ensure it reaches all the way out to the side wall plates and is fitted snugly into the ceiling framing members, each other and is of the correct depth.
  • The heating platform for correct instalment and size along with its walkway and the location of its light fitting.
  • The correct installation of the roof sharking if it is fitted.