Anyone working in the building and construction industry will be well informed with the functions of the floor joist. Here let’s take a look at the utilities of floor joists that play a huge role in building inspection.


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The Assessment: 

Floor joists are horizontal supporting members that sit on top of bearers and run between foundations, walls or beams in order to provide support for the ceiling and floor. Usually, these floor joists are most commonly made out of timber and need to be made large enough to bear an anticipated load for a longer period of time.

How Floor Joist Affect your Property: 

If the floor joists are problematic, it can puta negative impact on your house.

  • They often cause saggy floors.
  • You would feel difficulties in putting your furniture evenly as it would wobble
  • They also would create some unsightly gaps appearing between floorboards.

The Remedy: 

However, there are some steps that can fix the problem.

You can either strengthen the existing joint with additional pieces of timber or jack up the house and replace the joists altogether which would cost a bit.

Regards: Casey Building Consultants