Thermal imaging is an instrument popularly used for water leakage & moisture identification by the professional building inspectors in Melbourne as well as Australia. It is generally used to measure the severity of the moisture causing problem in the home.

While inspecting a building, the building inspector uses these infrared thermal imaging cameras to detect temperature differences. This tool is quite important as moisture or water leakage-related problems if left unidentified can cause deterioration in the structure, lead to mould and mildew growth which can be very expensive to fix. This is why thermal imaging is a very important aspect of a professional building inspection.


Building and termite inspection using thermal camerasDifferent conditions can result in water damage in a structure such as:

  • Poor quality construction
  • Sub-standard plumbing installation
  • Weakening of the structure
  • Homes situated in coastal areas also get impacted in a big way due to the higher moisture levels and the salty sea air
  • In wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, general maintenance tasks such as resealing of butts and joints silicone if ignored can result in extensive water damage; this is caused due to shrinkage or movement of the sealant.

Hiring the services of a professional building inspection specialist is one way to ensure that you have a comprehensive building inspection. Thus, you will not only be removing the aspect of risk from your investment but will also be safeguarding your health, safety and future.

Regards: Casey Building Consultants