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Pre purchase building consultancy services have formed a network of like-minded professionals. We range from Architects, Structural Engineers, Building inspector, Energy rater and House inspection specialists. we work closely with to ensure your project receives the attention it deserves. We can refer you to our team if required.

It is important for homes be designed or modified to ensure that the occupants remain thermally comfortable. It should be achieved by using minimum artificial heating or cooling in the climate where they are built. Passive design is an important component as well as energy efficient heating and cooling systems. They relay a lot on smart behaviour by the occupants.

We are specialised in pre purchase building inspections. Other services we offer are building and pest inspections and building and termite inspections. All pre purchase building consultancy services are carried out by our qualified building inspectors. Environment around us can have dramatic effects on our lives, happiness, health, and productivity. Sustainable and thermally efficient design, means better quality buildings that enhance our life experience inside them and reduce their impact on the natural environment. we can help to bring happiness in your family’s daily life by helping you to build a healthy, sustainable building design.

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Thermal efficiency

The thermal efficiency of a house is best described as the amount of energy used to get desired thermal comfort. Less the energy used to get more out of it best thermal practice. We will take care of your dream home through our best building consultancy services and make sure it will perform best in all weathers. To achieve best thermal performance, we have to take few items and factors into consideration. At Casey Building Consultants it is our main goal to “make your home better”.

Energy rating

In building consultancy services thermal performance of a building is commonly used to describe its energy rating system. Energy rating was started in 2007 to make all new builds and renovation to a minimum of 5 stars.It was improved to 6 stars in 2011. Our qualified energy raters will make sure that your home will achieve 7 to 8-star rating with some modifications in your home design.

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Our building consultancy services in Cranbourne on common building materials used in energy rating.


Insulation is an essential component of thermal efficient design. It improves building envelope performance by minimising heat loss and heat gain through walls, roof and floors.


Externally insulated, dense materials like concrete, bricks and other masonry are used in passive design to absorb, store and re-release thermal energy. This moderates internal temperatures by averaging day/night (diurnal) extremes, therefore increasing comfort and reducing energy costs.


Casey’s building consultancy services will improve thermal performance of your home by selecting suitable glazing. Windows and glazing are a very important component of passive design. Heat loss and gain in a well-insulated home occurs mostly through the windows and doors.

With good passive design, this is used to advantage by trapping winter heat whilst excluding summer sun. Cooling breezes and air movement are encouraged in summer and cold winter winds are excluded.

Windows in a typical insulated home can account for more heat gain or loss than any other element in the building fabric. In summer heat gain through an unshaded window can be 100 times greater than through the same area of insulated wall. One square meter of ordinary glass can let in as much heat as would be produced by a single bar radiator. In winter, heat lost through a window can be ten times more than through the same area of insulated wall.

Glazing is a key element of your home’s design providing, light, ventilation, noise control and security. And it needs experienced and a professional building consultancy services provider.

It can enhance the appearance and amenity of your home, providing views and connection with outdoor spaces. You can enjoy these benefits and have high thermal performance by selecting the right type of glass and frames and choosing the right size, location and shading of windows.

For a perfect building consultancy services w can follow simple principles at design stage, to optimise the thermal performance which includes:

  • Locate and size windows and shading to let sunshine in when the temperature is cold and exclude it when it is its hot.
  • Use thermal mass to store the sun’s heat and provide night-time warmth in cold conditions.
  • Locate window and door openings to allow natural cooling by cross ventilation.
  • Provide seals to openings to minimise unwanted draughts.
  • The most cost-effective way to achieve good thermal performance is to incorporating passive solar principles at design stage.

U Value

The volume of heat transferred through the window is measured by U-value. The lower the U-value the better the insulation properties of the aluminium window – the better it is at keeping the heat or cold out. In all cases regardless of climate zone an aluminium window with good insulation properties will help to improve the comfort of your home. To comply with energy reports U values must be Lower than or equal to that specified in the report.


Solar Heat Gain Coefficient or SHGC is a measure of how much solar radiation passes through the window. In a cool climate, windows which have a high SHGC allow a greater amount of solar radiation to pass through, offering free solar heating for the home. Glass selection has a considerable effect on the SHGC of a window or door. To comply with energy reports. It be within 10% of the set value.

Passive design is the process of designing a building envelope which does not require mechanical heating or cooling. As awareness of sustainability, internal climate control and desire for comfort in our dwellings increases it is important to consider passive design a guiding philosophy for the design and construction of new homes or buildings.

Casey Building Consultancy Services will improve thermal performance of your home by selecting suitable window frames. Correct specification and selection of aluminium windows and aluminium doors can be an integral part of a successful passive design process, improving energy efficiency and comfort of your home.Passively designed Homes take advantage of natural climate to maintain thermal comfort.


Casey’s building consultancy services will help to get best out of your slabs by insulating them. Slabs are an important part of house construction as thermal energy tends to get away through slabs as well. we can insulate Slabs to achieve better thermal performance.

Classification Based On Site Reactivity

Class   Foundation

A          Most sand and rock sites with little or no ground movement from moisture changes

S          Slightly reactive clay sites, which may experience only slight ground movement from moisture changes

M         Moderately reactive clay or silt sites, which may experience moderate ground movement from moisture changes

H1       Highly reactive clay sites, which may experience high ground movement from moisture changes

H2       Highly reactive clay sites, which may experience very high ground movement from moisture changes

E          Extremely reactive sites, which may experience extreme ground movement from moisture changes

P          Engineered slab for sites with problems.

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