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Pre Purchase Building Inspection has nowadays become an inseparable part of home purchasing for the new home buyers in Cranbourne and other suburbs of Australia. The main aspect of pre purchase property inspection service is to make the purchaser aware of any prevailing defects in the property he is about to buy. As a professional building inspectorCasey Building Consultants makes sure that you don’t need to deal with any potential defects that may cost you dearly in future.

We solely understand the emotion and the value of your purchase. Thus we inspect every house with minute details and prepare a complete report within 24 hrs. Moreover, you will get expert consultations and advice upon finding out any substantial defect. So don’t take a risk with your dream home. Get your house inspected by our expert building inspector and have a complete peace of mind.

All our pre purchase building inspections are done in accordance with AS 4349.

Get Pre Purchase Building Inspections in Melbourne

We carry out both pre-purchase building inspection and pre-sale building inspection in all suburbs of Melbourne. We provide same day reports for urgent request.


At Casey Building Consultants, we thrive on taking care of your biggest investment in life. Not only we provide an out-an-out building inspection in the favour of the clients, but also provide professional advice for pre sale and pre renovation house inspections in Cranbourne.

What makes us Stand out :

  • Complete Professional Inspection
  • Same Day Inspection Report
  • Professional Advice & Consultations
  • Free quotation

During our pre purchase home inspection, we will assess everything within your building. Our building inspection consultants examine during pre renovation or pre sale home inspection that everything should take into consideration within site boundary.

pre-purchase building inspections

We carry out our pre purchase home inspection is in accordance with AS4349 by a qualified building inspector.

Contact us or call us at 0433 360 660 to organize a pre purchase inspection with Casey Building Consultants.

Other services included in Pre Purchase House Inspection

Our house building inspectors provide very professional, detailed and easy to understand pre purchase building inspection report in Cranbourne. It includes all minor to major defects in detail with relevant photos to make it easy for you to understand. Other services from Casey Building Consultants are as following:

  • Pre Handover House Inspection
  • Pre Purchase Property Inspection
  • New House Inspections
  • Building And Pest Inspections

Casey pre purchase home inspection core services :

Apart from our pre purchase building inspection services, we also provide some services like new home inspectionsbuilding and pest inspections. Furthermore, new house consultancy services and thermal efficiency services. You are more than welcome to take advantage of our core services.