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There is a saying – “Home Sweet Home”. But it doesn’t remain ‘sweet’ if it is affected by pest or termites. Here at Casey Building Consultants, our building and pest inspection Melbourne services provide a professional timber pest inspection & termite inspection services in Cranbourne and to its suburbs so that you can remain hassle free.

If a proper timber pest inspection is not done during pre-purchase building inspection, your property is likely to become an ideal place for pest & termites. Generally, these need moisture and nourishments which your home provides ceaselessly. Thus, our timber pest inspectors offer quality termite inspection services in Melbourne to protect your property. We use latest equipment and gadgets so that not a single inch of your house is left un-inspected. Simultaneously, we also make sure that none of your other properties is damaged while we inspect.

All the timber pest & termite inspections are conducted by veteran pest & termite inspectors who are fully licensed to perform inspections of building structures in order to figure out any damage or possibilities of damage from timber pests, insects, termites or other bugs.

According to many expert surveys, many people in Melbourne are still quite ignorant about having a pest inspection before or after purchasing their house or properties. These will not only lead their properties to be more pest & termite prone but also can cost a huge money in near future.

Therefore, it is better to get a professional pest inspectors from Casey Building Consultants and have a veteran inspection service done at your house and lead a completely worry-free life. Moreover, we offer our service at such a price which is fully affordable to all.

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For Building & Termite Inspections at Cranbourne

timber pest inspection

Why choose us for Timber Pest inspection services in Melbourne?

  • During termite inspection, Our qualified termite inspectors will thoroughly inspect each and every corner of the property.
  • We will look for any sign or existence of pests or termites.
  • We are up to date with latest technology because we use latest thermal imaging cameras.
  • Our building and pest inspectors always look for problems you might face and give you adequate information and will solve all your questions.

If you are planning to buy a property in Melbourne, contact Casey Building Consultants for a complete termite inspection services.

Performing Building and Timber Pest Inspections Using Thermal Cameras

A building inspection performed by a building inspector through our infrared cameras and reveals concealed pest and termite activity in your home. Living objects emit warmth. The warmer the life, the brighter it appears on our thermal imager. White is hotter, black is colder hence it is very easy to track their activity in a house.

Why Our Inspectors use the latest tech thermal images for timber pest inspections?

To restrain damage to your home we offer friendly and comprehensive Building and Pest inspections in Melbourne. Our latest tech thermal cameras have advantages over vintage techniques used for inspection of building, pest and termites such as:

Tapping, drilling holes and pulling walls apart:  it is an old fashioned solution compared to Thermal cams cutting-edge infrared thermal imaging technology. Old messy way disturbs termites, making them go to ground only to pop-up somewhere else. And,

Moisture meters: Termites love moist, humid places like the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Therefore, moisture meters often miss termite activity because they can’t distinguish between the existing moisture and the termite infestation.

Microwave systems:  Microwave systems are not effective in wet areas. they cannot detect termites under concrete slabs or through thick tree stumps. But thermal cams cutting-edge infrared thermal imaging technology can.

timber pest inspection

In conclusion, the old adage “Home Sweet Home” holds true only when our living spaces are free from the invasion of timber pests and termites. At Casey Building Consultants, we understand the importance of maintaining the sanctity of your home. Our dedicated building and timber pest inspection services in Cranbourne and its surrounding areas aim to safeguard your cherished abode from the destructive impact of these nuisances. With our professional timber pest inspection and termite inspection services, you can rest assured that your home will remain a true sanctuary, ensuring your peace of mind and comfort for years to come. Don’t let timber pests and termites compromise your Sweet Home – choose Casey Building Consultants for comprehensive and reliable protection