What is New House Inspection ?

Moving into a new property should mean a complete ready-made home for your needs. You don’t need to fix anything. But inside of the property is not as flawless as you expected. Reality is you are never going to get a 100% flawless home.
We are new house inspection specialist in Melbourne. The main objective of our new home inspections is to make sure you get less flawless house.
We will empower your negotiations and help you make the right property decision. We will try to find out if anything in house envelop does not comply with house regulations or minimum Australian standards.
Casey Building Consultants house inspection reports provide a detailed analysis of the condition of your property in an easy-to-read format.

New House Inspection

House Inspections in Melbourne

Looking for House Inspections in Melbourne

Our qualified new home Inspector identifies building faults and issues that affect your future home.

Why Choose us for house or new home inspection.

We do not work for developers or builders unlike many other inspection companies. When helping you to get things put right, we don’t compromise with quality. Our house inspection is in your best interest only.
Firstly, we are providing highly qualified and experienced building inspectors. They have completed house inspections over thousands of homes nationwide.

Secondly, we have combined their professional knowledge to produce house inspection report and we are extremely pleased with the results.

New House Inspection in Melbourne

Services we provide during home inspections.

Our main objective of our house inspections is to make sure you get everything you paid for while buying your dream home. Other services in house inspections are:

While all these services serve only one purpose but still they are somewhat different from each other depending on the nature of work.

 new house Inspection Melbourne

Construction industry is booming in Melbourne. It means builders having more work than usual. This is putting extra pressure on their supervisor to deliver at fast pace. This urgency results into poorly build new homes because one supervisor has too many properties to look after. It leads to poor quality and mistakes from unprofessional, unqualified and underpaid work force they had to employ to meet the demand. They try to save some money by cutting the corners. So, it is very important to have a final handover house inspection done before giving final bank cheque to builder.