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Southern Melbourne inarguably consists of the most beautiful suburbs to live on. A nice-looking home in any of these suburbs is possibly a dream of many. However, dream home in your favourite place cannot guarantee a complete peace of mind if the property you are living in or willing to live in is not properly inspected. Many of the homeowners don’t go for a building inspection and regret later on. But before moving on, lets us know what building inspection is and how does it help.

Building inspection service usually include a thorough inspection of the foundation, framing, electrical systems and premises of your home by an experienced building inspector. Building inspectors are highly trained professionals who use their knowledge and experience in order to keep our homes safe and profound.

Understanding the Role of a Building Inspector

Building inspectors play an important role in safeguarding your building’s integrity. They thoroughly assess whether or not a construction meets the standard building codes making sure that the building has stick to the safety standards. They also evaluate the general built quality of the house as well. 

They also cover various aspects of the construction while inspecting, such as electrical, plumbing, and heating systems. They prepare a detailed report on the structural integrity to unearth any hidden and potential risks.

Building inspectors can be of two types. One is Government building inspectors and another private or independent building inspector. Governmental inspectors are generally employed by local, state, and federal agencies to assess construction whether specific building codes are met. On the flip side, private independent inspectors are generally hired by building owners, developers, or architects to assess the structural integrity of their construction. 

In spite of the differences in their employment, both types of building inspectors share a common goal: to make sure the construction is safe and meets the specific codes of construction. Thus, building inspectors hold a very important role in maintaining the quality and safety of the building.

Involvement Of Building Inspection During Pre-Construction Stage

It’s a well-known fact that the success of a firm and flawless foundation of a construction largely depends upon its pre-construction phase. And it is undeniable that involving an experienced building inspector in this phase mitigates most of the concerning factors. He/she makes sure that the construction adheres to the building codes, safety guideline and from initial planning to permit certification. The building inspection report then usually include the founding based upon the structural firmness of the building is determined.

Moreover, if we see from a buyer’s perspective, the involvement of building inspector is essential at pre-purchase stage. This is because he can assess the prospective property the buyer is willing to buy and let him know that the investment, he is going to make would be worthy or not. i.e. whether there is any dispute or hidden defects associated with the property or not. A detailed pre-purchase building inspection report would definitely benefit the prospective owner in this regard to make an informed decision.

The building inspector can also work as resource for development contractors and homeowners by imparting invaluable information about building safety guidelines, construction codes and addressing any issue found during the inspection. This way it is affirmed that a building inspector is an integral part of a successful construction.

Plumbing And Electrical System Inspection

Plumbing and electrical systems are two of the most important aspects of a construction. This is because both them contains heavy safety issues, if not installed properly, it can damage the foundation in severe manner. For an example, a faulty electric system can pose life threatening risks any days. Whereas issues with plumbing system can lead to broken pipes, water leakages, water wastes underfloor flooding and subsequent mould growth. That’s why a minute inspection of plumbing and electrical hazards is essential to make sure everything is good to go and as a house owner your home meets those standard codes of construction.

 Energy Efficiency Assessment

We know that reducing your carbon footprint means you can save more money, and the way to do this is to make sure your home is energy efficient. Insulation and ventilation are two of the prime factors that determine your home’ energy efficiency. A proper home insulation not only keep your home warmer in cool wintry days, but also help create a cosy atmosphere inside your home. On the other hand, a properly working ventilation drives away extra moisture from your home and keeps proper airflow intact.

As these two plays key role in maintaining the inner atmosphere inside your house, it is essential to keep these under minute observation and regular assessment. Any fault in these two can lead to energy insufficiency that means you may need to pay way more electricity bills to keep the inner temperature under your control. Moreover, in case of faulty ventilation, the excess moisture can furthermore create health issues as they tend to grow various bacteria harmful to health.

Thus, the role of insulation and ventilation cannot be overlooked and so does the assessment of a building inspector in this regard. A detailed report after commencing building inspection ensures whether the insulation and ventilation system are intact or not thus helping you make an informed decision whether to go with the prepurchase deal or not.

Final Verdict… Deal or No Deal

Building inspection is a ‘go-to’ process for both the seller and buyer. Before buying and selling, a professional building inspection report from a reputed building and pest inspection company can truly help understand the actual value of property. For a seller, he/she can get the desired property value if the report comes intact. On the contrary a prospective buyer can go for a deal, no deal or price negotiation if there are any defect found during the inspection. This way it gives both seller and buyer a logical support to stick to their price.

Always remember that a building inspector is there to ensure your home is safe and up to code, so listen to their advice and ask any questions. Additionally, be sure to treat the inspector with respect and always remain professional. Building a positive relationship with your inspector can help address any issues quickly and efficiently.

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